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910 评论 1 2 3 ... 61
Flimsy and looks cheap
I was excited for this but upon trying it on I was really displeased with how cheap it looks. Yes, I know it is high quality wool, but it looks like a cheap fleece knock-off because it is not lined or sturdy in any way. The collar does not stay put (it turns inside out) because the fabric is so flimsy. Not worth $700 for a jacket that looks like it is from H&M.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Needed basic
This top is perfectly fitted and a great fabric for both summer and winter outfits.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Alexandria, VA
Not for short ladies.
I'm 5'2", and these just looked like weird flare capris on me. Even a hem wouldn't help because of how wide the leg is. Beautiful fabric and great fit up top, but sadly had to return.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
New York, NY
completely transparent
the description says lightweight. but this top is completely COMPLETELY see through. it is tts, but the fit was very strange. kind of boxy. i had high hopes for this but i have to return.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Super Flattering
Finally some shorts that are flattering! These are a little snug in the waist (I'm normally a 4-6 and ordered a 4) but I love them. I have hips and thighs, yet feel like these hit in all the right places. They can also be dressed up or down. I wore them on vacation with a white flowy Ulla Johnson blouse and heeled sandals.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Green _Gates
Madison, WI USA
Comfortale Work Pants
There's no dress code at Shopbop, but I try to hold myself to some level of put-togther-ness when dressing for work. These pants, which are essentially leggings, mask that fact by being made of a mid-weight stretch houndstooth, with a wooly handfeel. They are cut straight at the ankle and don't cling, increasing their pant-like appearance. I am 43, 5'3", 155-165lbs and usually wear a sz. 10 or Large. I ordered these in a large, they fit well. Because I'm on the shorter side, I fold them under a couple inches so they hit just above the ankle. I was going to hem them, but folding works, so I haven't bothered.
Sausage Casing
It's extremely surprising that this item is one size. I usually where a size small and sometimes medium if I want a looser fit. When I put this thing on, it really felt like my body was encased in it like sausage meat. The material is also very thin.
尺码: 比期望中要小
San Francisco, CA
Super soft sweater
I ordered this sweater during the sale despite the bad review and I'm satisfied with it. The material is super soft and fit is great (not oversized). After one wear I did notice some pilling and other fibers sticking to it but it wasn't terrible. I think I just have to care for it gently.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Does not wear well
This is the kind of cashmere that looks tatty after a few wears. It is super soft, but pills up like crazy and everything clings to it so no matter how much I lint brush it, it still looks unpolished. I am thinking of sending it back. I dry cleaned it hoping that would help, but it is no better. Give this on a miss unless you don't mind pilly sweaters with perpetual lint. Not what I expect from Theory.
Don't bother
This top was so disappointing. The fabric felt super cheap like something you would buy for $20 at any fast fashion retailer and the color was not white it more like a yellowed ivory. Fit was fine.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Good, but a bit long sleeves
Beautiful sweater with delicate knit (I'm not sure how it's going to live through the cleaning), for the moment my only concern is - a sleeve is a bit long and the sweater stretches easily. It's see through, but it doesn't bother me. Overall, a nice basic, but with a twist.
尺码: 比期望中要大
Effortless chic
This dress is a truly versatile piece - can easily be dressed up and down and look so chic in all the outfit combos you come up with. The material is on par with the quality one expects from Theory but more oversized than normal for this brand. The sizing works on my frame (I am 5' 8" and 125) but may no work for petites. I love the details of the neck (more mock than actual turtleneck) and sleeves (laced up look).
尺码: 比期望中要大
Melbourne, Australia
Ruined my shirts
The good things about this blazer: it really is beautifully cut, sits very nicely, and is a good wardrobe staple to go with lots of outfits. I thought I'd found my perfect blazer when I first bought it. BUT I can never, ever wear it with a white or light coloured top. The blazer leaves permanent inky black stains on the underarm area that have now ruined four of my tops and shirts. Replacing those tops cost me more than the price of this blazer. I've had the blazer for more than a year, and it continues to transfer black marks. But if you're looking for a nice blazer to wear with black tops, this one is perfect!
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Best pants for work
Trust the review score! These pants are the best of simple pants for work! Very comfortable and flattering. I would have kept both colors if I didn't have a similar pair of black.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Good basic office dress
Love this dress. Was hesitant to purchase it, cause it looked quite plain on the picture. Was not sure about the material as well, cause I can't wear wool + living in Dubai where is summer all year round. Dress is very light and soft, wearable during summer. Looks great with the sweater on top or under the jacket. True to size. I am size S ( 86 cm bust, 70 waist, 90 hips) and size 2 fits like a glove. Happy Happy with my new dress.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期