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2220 评论 1 ... 146 147 148
ran big
I am a 7.5 / 37.5 in all designer boots. I order the 38 and it was too large. I am exchanging for the 37 and know it will fit. It is such a HOT boot, and has great detail. I ordered the burgandy, but now saw the olive flannel which is super cool too. Torn between both of them. Since they both have black heels and tabs, they can be mixed really well with black tops. Nice platform makes them comfortable.
尺码: 比期望中要大
New York City
Great Style Easy on the Feet!
This is great sleek hip boot to wear with leggings/skinny jeans and versatile enough to dress up or down I love the distressed suede, toe cap and cuff detail in the front . Plus you can pair this taupe color with anything. Being on the petite side I love that the boot has a heel and yet still feels very comfortable to walk around in all day.
尺码: 比期望中要小
Great pants!
So happy with these pants. The are extremely flattering. They are so well made and comfortable. Worth every penny!
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Typical Rag & Bone: Perfect.
I love this top so much. It's awesome under a sweater, leather jacket, over jeans, over cut-off jean shorts. The best. Buy it.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
very imposing
These are not small shoes. They are enormous and very clunky. I loved the choice of fabric and the color and indeed they're unique in person, but so unweildy that I had to send them back. They didn't even look particuarly nice on. The upper is okay, but the shoe itself is too much shoe! Also, I recommend taking your usual US size. The EU size that is listed is actually the Italian size, so if you're using EU sizing, you need one size down from your regular.
尺码: 比期望中要大
gorgeous, versatile
great top. can be worn casually with jeans, or as a nice accent to a suit. love it.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Southern California
Love this boot!!!
This boot is just stunning. The quality of the workmanship is something to write home about. Of all the shoes and boots I've purchased over the years, and I've bought many!! I would put this one up there with the creme de la creme of boots. It will never go out of style, the leather is extraordinary and the quality is superb. This is one "must-have" for the coming season. It will be my favorite for many years to come. :)
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Los Angeles, CA
These boots are so comfortable! The insides are padded and squishy and the heel provides solid support so they're easy to walk in. I ordered my size and they fit perfect. The leather and detailing is really nice. I'm going to get my money's worth with these because I can already tell I'm never taking them off my feet!
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Best boots, hands down. Love love love.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Dr. LC
Newport Beach, California
Perfect Fall "Dress"
Rag & Bone has become one of my favorite designers because the items fit most any day or evening setting. And this dress was no exception. It held it's shape throughout the day at work (I wore it with leggings and Tory Burch knee-high wedge boots) and was also the perfect look for an early dinner. Do be aware that if you're taller than 5'6", this is going to be more of a top than a dress. I'm 5'10", 140 lbs, and the bottom of the dress hit approximately five inches below my bottom (I purchased a "Large," but still expected that it wouldn't fit me as a dress due to length). That's where the black leggings became a necessity. I'm also looking forward to pairing this item with skinny jeans and flats.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
nice dress
I like this dress, i was excited to get it.. I cant say anything bad about it.. but would say it is average. and not the softest dress either. a bit scrachy... I got the dark dress.. very pretty but short... i feel like my booty is falling out... I can only wear this on a night out, not as a dress during the day..
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
ontario, canada
These are the go-to pants of my dreams!! I adore all things harem and in camo for fall these would have been my dream pants. HOWEVER they didn't fit. So I had to send them back. No fault of the designer, I just need to ease off the brownies. Too much junk in my trunk. LOVED the front side zip entry and pocket accents. Great material. Great length. I can't say enough about these pants that would have gone with everything in my closet. Except I wish they came in size 14. Sigh.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
Super SUPER cute
I can't get enough of R&B this season--this pair of shorts, which I own in Olive and now in grey, are comfy yet so sharp.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
a bit uncomfy
l love high wedges. They are stylish yet vey comfortable. But these oxford wedges are not for walking. I had a really hard time walking around in these for the fist time. Peep toe front is too tight whereas the ankle area is way too loose; my feet keep coming out of them every step I make. Cute with socks but still not my favorite...
尺码: 比期望中要小
Returned Indigo Version
At one point, one of the editors chose this item as her pick; hence, I sincerely bow to her knowledge and expertise. Nonetheless, permit me two personal observations since I purchased and returned the Indigo version of this bag. One, about two to three inches of the top of the bag, including the Rage & Bone symbol, creased inward when I used the bag at home before ever taking it out. It sort of collapsed in on itself. I had not placed anything heavy inside the bag either. Undoubtedly, the position of the leather handles in conjunction with the denim material is the cause. Simply put, I found the bag too delicate. Two, little balls of denim stated to form on the bag rapidly. I imagine that after a few months it would have many such formations therefore. On the plus side, the bag features one outside snap pocket and three inside pockets perfect for cell phone and pens. If I am candid however, I would not recommend this item at its current prize of $195 U.S. Sorry.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期