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我的风格: 时尚, 高贵典雅
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平均评分: 4.5
8 评论
已发布 March 18, 2017
really like!
I love how soft this romper is. I didnt think it would look good on me but couldn't help but imagine it looked as good on me as it does on the model. It looks better. It drapes beautifully (almost like a dress), hides a full tummy, and exposes just enough. I got the XS and it runs a bit large but in a way that seems sexy not sloppy. The straps seem to slip off and your bum will definitely peek from the bottom. I think larger girls would look great in this and petite women who may want to hide some of their straight lines. Wish this came in more colors. Would buy again.
尺码: 比期望中要大
已发布 March 18, 2017
Loungewear must-have
I'm throwing away all the things I don't love or don't want to wear and trying to fill my closet with things that "spark joy." Yes, I read that book. All my loungewear seemed pilled, polyester, & unflattering. Enter Skin. These are SO DAMN SOFT, light so they're good for the coming summer, and flattering. I bought the S instead of the XS and I could've gone smaller for a sexier fit but I'm keeping the S because I don't want to go a week without these. Keep in mind these are more like leggings than actual sweatpants so I wouldnt wear these out or even to run errands. Go to James Perse for sweatpants!
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
已发布 March 18, 2017
I love how long and soft this cardigan is. The cotton is pretty good quality and the modal adds an extra element of softness and a sort of "slip." That being said it's incredibly thin thin thin! I wanted this so I could wear it after a bath when really close company is around or as a coverup while my lotion is absorbing. It's almost totally see through. Would NOT recommend. Especially for the price. This is easily more around the $30 mark.
best I ever had
The most comfortable underwear I've ever worn. Several times throughout the day I had to remember I was wearing underwear instead of trying to forget how tight or uncomfortable they were. I am thin with a bubblebutt and I find I'm in between a S and an M. I bought the S and it fit really well. No panty showing through my jeans or jersey sweats, no itchiness at ALL from the lace, and a good amount of coverage so that it doesn't feel like it's digging into you. My favorite. Will never go back. Too bad these are not included in the sale and I'm bummed they don't come in other colors. Would love to see more colors!
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
已发布 October 22, 2016
Modern yet classic
Love this bag. It' modern yet classic. The leather is great and the size doesn't look like a backpack although I do use it for school when I don't have to bring many things. It doesn't fit nearly as much as my backpack. It's not cumbersome like a messenger (even though I love the look of a messenger bag) The bag has a zip which is very helpful for public transportation and keeping things stable. All of that closes with a soft magnetic button on the flap that is prone to being opening on its own. The magnet isn't very strong. Here's what I can fit to the brim: -13 inch old style Macbook Pro Retina -One Crica notebook -Erin Condren planner -Small pencil case with utensils and flashcards -Very small bag of cosmetics -Cardholder It's a very narrow bag and the base isn't wide. It doesn't look good overloaded. Everything has to be put in strategically. But man is it worth it. Gorgeous leather. Great black color that goes with everything. Wish it had pockets and came in a tan.
尺码: 比期望中要小
Wild Woman
Just wow This is the perfect dress for your wildflower-picking, forest wandering, animal-whispering self. It's super feminine, flattering on the chest, just grazing your curves. It's flowy and a little wild and mysterious. I love it so much. Just perfect. I got the small and I'm 5'8 125 and It could be tighter but this will look good as I get older or a little heavier. Oh, and it's a great marigold yellow. Very saturated.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
已发布 March 06, 2016
Great but not perfect coziness
I'm 5'8 and 116 pounds. These are SO VERY LONG. They easily hang 2-3 inches past my feet. Apparently they're made that way so that they can hemmed to exactly what the customer desires. The drawstring part of the pants is a little too high for my taste but the rest of the pants fit well int the butt and thigh. They're stretchy enough to be comfortable without losing too much shape. They feel amazing out at first but lose quite a bit of softness after a couple of washes. That's OK though because they still feel great and worn-in. I got them in black and the can be a little see through when I bend at the knee of the waist (from the butt) but I just try to wear shirts that go past my butt anyway. Oh, and they don't shrink which is one fewer thing to worry about. I'd buy again but I'd wait for the 25% sale. Wildfox, make these in other colors and make them available always please :)
尺码: 比期望中要小
已发布 March 06, 2016
A worthy splurge
This jacket is insane! It's incredibly warm, so chic, and has a flattering fit. I live in Chicago and every year I opt for a "classic" wool coat to I don't have to put up with every other coat that depletes my thin frame/shape. This coat is so warm that I found myself overheating in 30 degree weather and I run very cold. The sleeves are long which is important because I'm 5'8 and the coat hits almost to my knees. The hood is huge so it often fly off if I don't hold on to it but it does a good job keeping wind away from my face. I don't have to wear anything underneath this just a light sweater maybe. Zips up to the neck so as long as I have a scarf and gloves I'm good and has an inner non-removable shell. It goes in at the waist and fits true to size, I think. I'm 116 pounds. Only problem is the lining in the wrists is itchy and the coat is cumbersome so I can't carry my backpack or purse with ease or drive as comfortably. I'd buy again in a second if I lost this. I got it in maroon!
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期