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Los Angeles, CA
我的风格: 时尚, 高贵典雅
评论: 14
平均评分: 4.0
14 评论 1 2
已发布 August 09, 2019
So glad I got this!
I was looking for a dress that I could easily wear to work, out and dress up and down. This dress is completely perfect. Since it's very form fitting, the simple sillhoutte feels both timeless and elegant, but sexy. The fabric is luxuriously soft. I literally wore this to meetings all day and dressed it up for work, then threw on Birkenstocks and a military jacket before running to catch a flight. It's the most comfortable dress I own now. I found the sizing perfect. I'm 5'2, probably about 145# and athletic/curvy. The medium fit perfectly, including the length which hit just to mid-knee on me. It could easily be pulled down to wear just over the knee or pulled up to wear above. I want this in more colors.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
已发布 June 16, 2019
They run very small
These run so small, I could barely cram my foot into what is my very standard size 7 shoe. They are ok in person. They look a little cheap in my opinion and they are not comfortable to walk in. Sadly, I'll be sending these back and continuing my hunt for a white strappy summer sandal.
尺码: 比期望中要小
Way smaller than expected
I am a standard size 28 in almost all jeans. After reading reviews I ordered these in a 29. I couldn't even pull them up over my hips. The color is a cool, mid-blue tone that I had been searching for and I love the button fly on these. A very strange jean though--I'd say you have to order 2-3 sizes up in these. Also, they really don't have any stretch.
尺码: 比期望中要小
已发布 June 16, 2019
Flawed design or defective shoe
Either the sizing is way off or I got a defective pair of these. The shoe itself is beautiful and would be the perfect accompaniment to jeans and a a t-shirt to elevate an outfit. I had been searching high and low for a nice pair of white strappy sandals like this with a low, block heel. Unfortunately the straps that wrap around your ankle are so short that they do not buckle. I've never had an issue like this with shoes before and wondered if maybe my ankles were just bigger than I thought? Hmmm. So I had my seventeen year old sister try these on for comparison. She is a tiny, 5'2, 120# dancer. The straps didn't fit around her ankle either. Either the design is seriously flawed or these are defective. Either way, I'm sad to have to send these back as I really loved the shoe.
尺码: 比期望中要小
已发布 October 31, 2018
Surprisingly sparkly!
These are awesome little huggies. I was worried that they wouldn't look sparkly or interesting enough since they aren't real diamonds, but they really add sparkle to the ear and look fantastic on. They are TINY. So if you're looking for a true huggie, this is a great option. Shashi has been throwing down some really great, well priced pieces. I'm. a huge fan!
已发布 October 31, 2018
Sizing is WAY off
I was looking for a cute cropped sweatshirt and decided to order this one. Unfortunately the sizing is way off on this. I am normally a medium in tops--sometimes a small or even extra small in brands like Madewell. If sizing is really fitted, I sometimes order a large. I ordered a large in this sweatshirt and it was so small, it barely fit me. I am 5'2, crossfit/athletic build. The cropping was extreme even for my height. I was hoping to find something that would skim the waistline of high rise jeans and pants. This was just way too short even for me. I think it's wearable if you have a VERY thin build and no curves. I also wasn't impressed by the quality of the sweatshirt for the price. It looks like something you'd purchase from Forever 21.
尺码: 比期望中要小
已发布 October 03, 2018
Versatile and beautiful
This is a solidly great dress that could be worn in so many ways. What I love is the beautiful drape in the fabric of the skirt part. It's flowy and feminine, but still has a cool kind of vibe to it. I wore it to a work event at a country club with black booties and fit right in. I think it would also be perfect paired with a moto jacket for an edgier kind of look. I have a similar dress from And Other Stories and this one just feels a bit more luxurious and substantial with nicer fabric and a more sophisticated cut to it. I didn't give it 5 stars because I wish the waistline fell a little lower. I normally wear an 8-10 in dresses, sometimes even a 12. I'm 5'2 and about 150 with an athletic/crossfit body type. I ordered this in the largest size and it fit perfectly.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期
已发布 October 03, 2018
Perfect jacket!
I deliberated over spending so much on a denim jacket but this one looked like it had the slim, streamlined cut I was going for with a bit of subtle edginess from the raw hems. Usually I'm a solid medium in jackets but this one looked really slimly cut, so I went with a large. It fits absolutely perfectly. I'm 5'2 with a fairly muscular, athletic crossfit-type of body. I weigh around 150. The large is perfect in every way--usually with a large the shoulders will be too big on me and the jacket will look like it's cut for a taller person overall. Not the case with this jacket. It fits exactly like it does on the model. The waist hits just above my waist, sleeve length hits just above my wrists and miraculously the shoulders are perfect. It's like it was tailor made for me. The jacket looks and feels very high quality. It has a laid back cool kind of French vibe to it. I got it to wear with Frame cords. The pairing reminds me of my 90s indie rock days but modernized.
尺码: 比期望中要小
已发布 June 02, 2018
So cute!
Shashi has been turning out some really cool pieces lately and I am so glad I purchased these earrings. I had been looking for a simple hoop with a spike and these are perfect. They are a little daintier than I expected, which is actually nice because they look effortlessly cool and you can't even feel them when you're wearing them. The clasp feels very secure. They look far more expensive in person than they are.
已发布 June 02, 2018
So glad I got these!
These jeans look effortlessly cool and vintage. The wash is actually lighter in person than on the picture--more of a very faded black, almost dark grey. I wear anything from a 27-29 in jeans and ordered these in a 29. Despite these being called "stretch skinny" they absolutely have no stretch whatsoever and are too thick of a denim to really be a true skinny jean. They were skin tight and barely fit at first but have loosened up considerably the first time I wore them. I'm 5'2, 150 with a crossfit build and these fit super well. The length comes to my ankle and the hole hits right at my knee.
尺码: 符合尺寸 / 如所预期